Veg-tan leather is considered “unfinished” and is not water resistant. It is also not entirely colorfast.

What is patina?
The luster that develops in leather as it ages with use.

Will the paint come off with wear?
Like all leather products, your piece will darken with time and certain colors may blend into the background creating a fade in effect. While other colors will pop against the darkened leather.This is part of the beauty of natural leather and it should be welcomed.

Will the paint chip off or rub off?
The paint on your leather item will not wash off, rub off or chip off unless its met with an abrasive surface that causes visible scrapes or scuffs on the surface of your leather piece.

My wallet is so stiff I can only fit one or two cards inside. Are there any tips to break it in faster?
Our wallets are glued then sewn to ensure durability over time. For this reason, your wallet may be stiff and tight when you first receive it. Like any new pair of leather shoes your piece will stretch and soften with use over time. We recommend massaging the seams to create more flexibility. You can also try squeezing the wallet open and stretching it to fit what you need in it. It may be a little snug in the beginning, however, over time you will be able to fit all of your needs.

Do you wholesale your pieces?
Yes! Our collections are produced in short runs so there is a limited amount available each release. For this reason we work with a limited amount of retailers and small boutiques each year. I do reserve a set amount for wholesale orders at the beginning of each season/ collection. To request our latest line sheet, please email: info@lillianf.com with a brief description of your store, where you are located and an example of some of the brands you currently carry. Having this information is helpful in determining whether we would be a good fit for your store.

Do you have a showroom or a place I can see your pieces in person?
We do not currently have a showroom, however we travel all over the US doing pop-ups and art fairs. These are great opportunities to meet in person and see available collections. Sign up for our newsletter or follow along @lillianfarag to learn more and hear about our up and coming events.

Are your products made in the US?
Yes! All of our items are designed, and produced in the United States.

Do you do collaborations with your designs or leather goods, if so how can we be in contact?
Yes, most designs are available for licensing and collaborations. I love meeting and connecting with other designers and brands. If you would like to request our print and pattern catalog, please send us an email at info@lillianf.com with some information about your company and we will get back to you promptly!

Do you take returns or exchanges?
Due to the fact we are a small oppertating business, we do not accept full refund returns unless your piece was damaged during shipping. In which case please notify us within 3 days of receiving the item(s). If for any reason you would like to exchange an item, you will have a 3 day period once your package has been delivered. Please email: info@lillianf.com  with your name, your item(s) purchased, and the order number to arrange for an exchange.